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The infinite reach of the robotics industry on the present day

Robots are featuring more and more in our daily lives. They can be incredibly useful (bionic limbs, robotic lawnmowers, or robots which deliver meals to people in quarantine), or merely entertaining (robotic dogs, dancing toys, and acrobatic drones).

Richard Ward

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The complete path to be a robotics engineer in 2022

With the recent change of the robotics industry and the new global development, knowing where and how to start in robotics has been a challenge. Take a look at our new guide that will explain to you how to overcome this challenge and even get a job as a robotics engineer

Isaac Asimov

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Four legged robot and the terms that you should know

Legged robots are a type of mobile robot which use articulated limbs, such as leg mechanisms, to provide locomotion. They are more versatile than wheeled robots and can traverse many different terrains, though these advantages require increased complexity and power consumption.

Takeo Kanade

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Vacuum robots in the cleaning industry

Despite the challenges that the cleaning industry represent for robot, companies like Softbank had worked around these challenges and succeed on develop a robot that makes everyone happy

Marc Raibert

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Medical robots: their facial expressions will help humans trust them

Robots, AI and autonomous systems are increasingly being used in hospitals around the world. They help with a range of tasks, from surgical procedures and taking vital signs to helping out with security.

John J. Leonard

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Asimov’s Laws won’t stop robots harming humans so we’ve developed a better solution

How do you stop a robot from hurting people? Many existing robots, such as those assembling cars in factories, shut down immediately when a human comes near.

Argenis Wong

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